Popularity of the Mu game online

The popularity of online games soared because it is free. The game has been quite an addictive game as it has so many things to do and keeps you occupied. There are a lot of many items for use in the game for play such as the shields, jewels, weapons, pets and the favourite of all the wings. There is an option that after the 150 level you could character can evolve and extra powers and vitality.  After level 220 you have the option of getting your character evolve to Mage gladiator and another thirty levels you could get to be the Dark lord. Play with new version globalmu.net.

The reviews by players

The graphics are still the strong pull for the game. There are a lot of game lovers who would vouch that MU is an interesting game to be played still. There are also interesting views that have seem to be concerning the players which now have been rectified in the newer version that you will be able to play such as not having a quest till the player reaching the 100. And many felt it’s all about killing the monsters and you couldn’t keep track of your score when you would stop midway but, all this now seen to. Some found it difficult to level up and finally find a good character to choose after many hours of playing. Try and get your hands on the new version and play online globalmu.net.

Are these games addictive?

People have blamed it to be addictive and ain’t that supposed be for all games. The players had complained that there would be only the top angle of the camera to see the character they played which has now been seen to and now the players can have a view from all the angles concerned. This game is basically set out on a multiplayer theme. There is an option for getting the player seven different worlds to explore and seek. The player gets to amass a full array of abilities, the storyline may seem bland but as you put your efforts in reaching your quests and gaining more power and spells to get on with levels of the game, it would just seem you are carrying forward the story line with your adventures and way of play.

Love the Adrenalin Rush? Opt for the Global MU Games

The players seeking good combat sequences with adrenalin rush in the in the pace of the game will keep you on your toes till the very end of the game. This exhilarating factor has kept the fans alive for this game to stay in vogue and not run into some oblivion after the advent so many other games and games which were its predecessors or the ones which came out with MU with similar themes did not sustain such immense popularity and likability.