How to recover an Instagram account when it is hacked?

Things can go awry if one day you find that your Instagram account is hacked. This is specially the worst nightmare for our imaginary friend John. John as usual tries to login his Instagram account but finds unusual glitch. Soon he finds that the glitch not only, is in his mobile app but also on his laptop. John soon realizes he had been kicked out of Instagram app on all his devices. This is because within short time the hacker has changed Instagram profile details, leaving John to frantically look for help. Let us now help our friend John on how to recover an Instagram account that is hacked.

What are the next steps available to recover the account?

Surely, there is ray of hope to recover the Instagram account if hacker has not deleted it.

STEP 1: Protect your email

There is a good chance if your Instagram account is hacked, your email could have also been hacked. Use some special software tools to find exposed password, credit card and social security numbers in your email account. The tool will remove all sensitive data hackers will look for, once you have managed with email then come back to Instagram account.

STEP 2: Change your password

Try to sign in your Instagram account with your email associated with it. Click on ‘Forgot’ at home page. Then enter your email address to reset it. Click on settings to change password. Make sure to choose strong password. Instagram help center will help you further if you cannot sign-in. The two-factor authentication is must when hacking situation arises. Instagram team can be contacted through email or Facebook. You will be asked to prove your authentication by sending additional information to confirm the ownership of the account.

Tips to do if your Instagram account is hacked

  • Act quickly and change all emails and passwords on social media apps
  • If you need to save your previous username in case hacker changes on your account, have back-up blank account
  • Always enable two-factor authentication
  • Contacting Instagram can be tiresome and futile but be persistent and patient. Usually takes 24-hour window or more for Instagram team to heed your request. Therefore, never give up.
  • Seek help from friends and experts so that you will keep getting hacking tips.


People spend so much time and energy in building their personal photo diary and Instagram community and a random hacking can leave you gutted. However, you can recover Instagram account if you choose to reinforce the account with strong password and two-factor authentication.